Don't you think it is high time we make our elected representatives accountable to us? Somewhere along the way, I think our leaders have forgotten that we send them to make laws for the country and not create loss for its people through their loot.

There are parts of India where public money is spent to line the pockets of the political class but where no assets get created, no services get delivered. Roads develop potholes within days of being laid, bridges collapse after the first vehicle plies on them, hospitals have no stock of medicines, schools don't have teachers and so on.

Then there are places like where I live, on what should cost one rupee, much much more is spent, the difference is pocketed. In such places, they are constantly digging roads and filling them up again, all in the name of development. CCTV cameras are set up all over the city, which allow policemen in control rooms to monitor what's happening as they seek to keep the city safe. Educated people like you and me buy the development story when it is actually a gigantic orchestrated loot.

It is time to say enough is enough.

As you go to cast your vote this year, know where your neighbourhood stands. Know whether there has been any significant change in the quality of life of people in your constituency over the last 10 years, between the 2001 census and the 2011 census. If the quality of life has not improved, make your vote count, make it heard loud and clear. Our report presents the bare facts. The bare facts of where we stand as a country based on the census data of 2011.

It is time to make our elected representatives accountable to outcomes, to development outcomes. The MPs who we will be sending to parliament in a month's time, the MLAs, the corporators and the panchayat members. It is a well oiled machine this, the 3 tier political structure works like a well oiled machine for a coordinated loot of the exchequer.

As Rajiv Gandhi is reported to have said, less than 15 % of what the government spends reaches the intended beneficiary. If that was the situation in 1985, imagine what it must be like now. Will it be even 5 paisa or will be even less.

There is a law in the books which requires every district in India to have a district plan.

These plans are then supposed to be rolled up into a state plan for presentation to the Planning Commission when they approve outlays. Find out if your district has a plan, chances are it does not.

If it does, get yourself a copy.

If it does not, ask why not and push for the creation of one. A good plan must tell you what is sought to be done with the financial resources allocated to the district. As a citizen, you must have a say in how it is drawn up and what is done with your money.

In the team that prepared this report, there are Modi supporters and Modi bashers. There are Congress voters and those that are anti Congress. Not to mention those that are rooting for the regional forces to take charge in Delhi.

So what brought us together ? Our belief that at the end of the day, our government has to deliver an improved quality of life for all of us, for each one of us. Our elected representatives have to make it happen. That's why we vote them to occupy those positions they do.

Together, let us make it happen. It is time for C Governance.

Jai Hind.

S. Swaminathan
S. Chandrasekhar